Introducing Our Monthly Recap Newsletter 💫

We are excited to re-introduce our newsletter, a Monthly Recap designed to keep you updated on our latest investments, launches, project updates, and podcast episodes.

As our Morningstar Ventures Community keeps growing, we want to hone down on the power of sharing and connecting even further. Our newly relaunched Monthly Recap aims to give you a complete and concise overview of what’s been happening behind the scenes at Morningstar Ventures.

Here’s what you can expect:

📨 A Monthly Update lands in your inbox (check the email you signed up with on either the MSV Community Platform or the MSV website).

📨 A compilation of blog articles on our most recent investments, interviews with portfolio company founders, recently dropped podcast episodes and project reviews.

📨 And sometimes, you’ll find updates about the team, new initiatives, and more exciting news!

The first edition of our Monthly Update already goes out Wednesday, August 17th! Don’t miss out, and sign up for our newsletter today!

Sign up ➡️ here

Until next time,

The Morningstar Ventures Team



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