Itheum: An Overview Of Web3’s Data Platform Transforming Data Ownership

Why We Be Believe In Itheum

On our perpetual search for innovative projects for the future of web3 and DeFi, in Q3 of 2021, we came across Itheum, the first-ever metaverse data platform. We quickly realized the project’s unique vision of transforming user data into tradable assets that have the potential to redefine the $200 billion data market.

How Itheum Is Redefining Data Trading

The advent of blockchain technology opened the scope for fully-fledged transparency in all major world industries. Itheum is a platform that uses this technology to its full potential to bring a paradigm shift in the way the data market operates. It is a decentralized data trading platform for web3 that brings users and businesses onto a level playing field where users are in control of their data and have the power to trade it with businesses of their choice.

The Data Safe Haven

With the importance of data only growing by the day, the world has been long-awaiting a solution that can facilitate safe data transfers while allowing users to retain control of their information.



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