Morningstar Ventures: who are we?

Morningstar Ventures is an investment firm focused on digital assets and blockchain technology, investing primarily in early stage token and equity rounds.”

Morningstar Ventures was created in early 2020, when our two Co-Founders, Danilo S. Carlucci and Arutyun Nazaryan met in Dubai. The two had both been active in the space for some time, and soon realised that besides investing they both shared a common interest for building products, helping teams grow, and push blockchain adoption in specific regions of the world that were dear to them (UAE, Russia and Switzerland in particular).

Given that Danilo had been an investor, advisor and marketer to numerous blockchain teams over the past years, it made sense for Danilo to run the investments side of Morningstar Ventures, while Arut with his pre-existing team and experience would take charge of the finance and operational side of the groups various initiatives.

It is with these values that Morningstar Ventures was set up to be more than just an investment fund. Besides actively deploying capital and supporting early stage teams, we spend a lot of time building — we operate a handful in-house blockchain projects and have a full time count of 30+ people behind the scenes. On the investment side for now the core focus is clearly Digital Assets and Blockchain, but we have already backed several teams outside of this scope that we haven’t been publicly announced. We are proud of our diverse portfolio and you can find a number of our investments here:

To be clear, Morningstar Ventures never raised any capital (and doesn’t plan to do so). We are funded privately by our founders and thus have the freedom of truly supporting whatever believe in, at whichever growth stage a particular project may be in. Overall, if we have the possibility we like to do follow-on investments in order to double down on our conviction bests.

Last but not least, our primary focus within the crypto sphere is investing and supporting projects built on Elrond, who either amplify the Elrond ecosystem or use the Elrond infrastructure as their base layer: you find more infos on all this here >

If you are a developer with an idea, or a founder with an MVP, our CIO Danilo S. Carlucci and our team of analysts are always happy to learn more about it — feel free to contact us here:

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