Our Investment Into The Elrond Apes NFT Project — It All Started With A Tweet!

On February 13, we stumbled upon some artwork by the Elrond Apes team and tweeted them without thinking too much about it… Today, 2 months later, we are excited to announce our investment into Elrond Apes, which marks our first official larger bet in an Elrond NFT project.

If you haven’t heard anything about the Elrond Apes team, here is a quick overview:

Elrond Apes, a quick overview:

Elrond Apes launched 10,000 unique 3D Apes on January 13th, 2022, which were minted in 43 minutes. Since then they have received enormous support from the community and reached various milestones, such as the launch of their DAO,, staking rewards for Apes holders, and recently, launching their Ape Launchpad. The team is constantly engaging their community with new initiatives and has been one of the most traded NFT projects on Elrond reaching 43’000 EGLD in volume to this day.

Visit the Elrond Apes collection here: https://elrondapes.com/

Acceleration Program (teaser):

As you all know, Itheum is the first project we incubated out of Elrond Dubai Incubator that we launched in 2021, which is soon launching on the Maiar Launchpad. Elrond Apes is the first project from our ‘Accelerator’ program, a soon-to-be-released initiative out of Elrond Dubai Incubator that aims to supercharge already-launched projects within the Elrond ecosystem, and help them grow to the next level.

“The Elrond Apes team impressed us from day 1. They are much more than just an NFT project, and that was one main reason that got us excited about their vision. We believe that the Elrond Apes team has a great plan on how to bring utility, excitement, and engagement to its NFT project, and we wanted to be part of their journey. Our investment in Elrond Apes represents our first official step into the Elrond NFT ecosystem. Exciting initiatives are coming!” Danilo S. Carlucci, CEO at Morningstar Ventures

For now that’s it; we will share a deep dive on the Elrond Apes project in the coming weeks. Until then, stay tuned for more!

About Morningstar Ventures

Morningstar Ventures is an investment firm backing ambitious ideas by early-stage founders. Based in Dubai, Morningstar Ventures focuses primarily on the blockchain and digital assets space and is led by CEO Danilo S. Carlucci. The firm is active in both token investments and equity investments and has a particularly strong focus on the Elrond ecosystem.

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