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  • Amas: live educational sessions to engage with some of the most influential individuals in the crypto space (CEO and Founders from our portfolio companies);
  • Blog: regular publications regarding our team and products, detailed reviews of our investments, and interviews with the founders of our portfolio companies;
  • News: the latest about the crypto industry, the Elrond ecosystem, and our portfolio companies (including recent fundraising and projects updates);
  • Network: a directory for our team members and the Founders and CEOs of the portfolio companies;
  • Portfolio: a complete list of all our investments, divided into easy-to-navigate categories;
  • Products: a record of crypto-related products we have designed, developed, and launched.




Investing In Ambitious Ideas — morningstar.ventures twitter.com/Morningstar_vc

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Morningstar Ventures

Morningstar Ventures

Investing In Ambitious Ideas — morningstar.ventures twitter.com/Morningstar_vc

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